Mani Pedi

Hands & Feet

We are the only Spa in Soho that specializes in 1-on-1, luxury hand and feet treatments in complete privacy.

It is important that you do not settle for less when it comes to your spa experiences


Foot problems can arise from all sorts of issues – whether you are an athlete or a dancer, a marathon runner, or even a high-heeled fashion stylist, or to seniors and children, we can help. A Medical Pedicure provides the ultimate care for your feet, promoting overall foot and nail health, while ensuring absolute safety and hygiene. Effectively treat dry cracked skin, corns, calluses or other foot conditions.

Our medical pedicurist can treat mild nail fungus and simple cases of ingrown toe nails. For severe conditions, please see a podiatrist. If you have questions on whether or not your foot condition can be treated, please call to inquire.

Note: Some conditions may require an extra 30min (+$50).


Recommended as follow up maintenance after a Medical Pedicure. Includes a refreshing peppermint foot bath.

30min $55 ADD-ON Manicure With Scrub 30min +$30 French Manicure 40min +$40 Hand Parrafin 10min +$15